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Welcome to the Biology Beckons You!

Hi! This is how we get our science on! Here you will find a growing number of protocols and how-to's for the SRJC Biology lab, which is searchable and editable. I hope this can be a good resource for us, as we grow and become a more integrated department!

We are gathering information, protocols, and any other helpful information that pertains to the lab so that staff and faculty can communicate, contribute and improve the environment of our Life Sciences Department.

Some of the information may have been taken from other sources and some we wrote ourselves. If it works, then keep it and if it doesn't, improve it!

  • A full list of existing categories can be found at Special:Categories.
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  • Please do not put anything on this site that you wouldn't want anyone to see. Please do not put private information, or anything that the public cannot be privy to. This site is on a public, Wikipedia-like site, which is very common for labs to do. However it can be accessed by anyone.


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